About the Founder

Prior to developing a career in engineering, Jeremey spent his early years working as a carpenter framing and remodeling homes. He expanded on that experience by completing a B.S. degree in Engineering from the University of Connecticut.  After college, he obtained his professional engineering license and spent 14 years working for a reputable multi-discipline engineering firm.  He became head of the firm’s structural engineering department and managed a team of engineers to provide structural engineering services for municipal, commercial, and residential clients.

He has experience in the structural design, analysis, and administration services of a wide range of structural engineering projects including high-end residential homes, coastal construction in flood zones, commercial and office buildings, bridges, historic structures, educational facilities, large warehouses and distribution centers, mix-use buildings, multi-family residential buildings, retaining walls, industrial structures, and other unique structures.  He has experience working with wood, steel, concrete, masonry, and timber construction.

Jeremey left his position to pursue his desire to design high-end residential homes. He founded JOWA, LLC so he could focus more of his energy on developing more specific disciplines and offering excellent designs and customer service.

Jeremey believes in forming long-lasting relationships with his clients.  He is more concerned with forming a mutually beneficial relationship with regular clients than he is with providing services for only a single project.  He believes the more you work together as a team, the more you learn what to expect from each other, what to provide for each other, and how to work with each other.  He believes this cooperative style of design results in a more efficient design process, cooperation, checks and balances, and a superior product for the client.

When he is not engineering, Jeremey enjoys building timber frame construction, creating wood furniture, and doing projects around his home.

Jeremey R. Williamson, P.E.